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KIS Jeju Honored with Six Year WASC Accreditation

On 20 August 2015, our Academic Head Kristine Stamp-Jerabek received a letter from the WASC commission that highly commended our school, its curriculum, policies, and strong focus on learning. Because of this dedication from our faculty, staff, students, and parents, we have been awarded the high honor of a six year accreditation term.

We are very grateful to our 2014-15 Self-Study Coordinators Christie Kieffer and Brian Elshoff, and to the many faculty and staff who collaborated over the past four years to make the self-study process meaningful and productive. We would also like to extend thanks to all KIS Jeju students and families for their trust in our school leaders, faculty, and staff.

This six year accreditation is a major achievement and celebration of our community's unwavering commitment to building an internationally recognized organization with best practices in teaching and learning. Congratulations!

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