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Welcome from our Head of Student Services


 Dear friends and colleagues, students and parents, faculty and staff,


Thank you for your interest in Korea International School, Jeju Campus.

I would like to welcome you to this site where I hope you will learn about who we are and what we do for our students to ensure their health and safety. As a pre K-12 boarding school on the beautiful island of Jeju, we take service to our students seriously since we are not an ordinary school. We are a place of learning and fun, activities and sports, home and sanctuary. We are what any parent would want for their child: the best place to be!

Educational Philosophy

At KIS-Jeju, we are proud of our person-centered approach of working with students as first described by Carl Rogers in the 1940’s. This approach supports the holistic view of “seeing the whole child” as grounded in the humanistic psychology and family systems theory.

It is to this end that we have developed a variety of programs and projects to support the complex yet complete “human development” of every child here at KIS-Jeju.

At our school, we have aligned our educational philosophy and practices with our four core school-wide initiatives of Connect, Design, Grit, and Innovate. The Grit initiative is the key driver for the work of the whole Student Services team.

Social/Emotional and College Counseling  

Our student support systems are multilayered and cross-sectional, thus providing each and every student with a safety net while ensuring an opportunity to experiment and grow. This complex web of support includes the following programs and projects, such as the School Advisory Program and the Mentoring Program (SLAM: Students Leading and Mentoring). The Dorm Houses that are all supported by a dedicated Counseling team that adheres to the internationalized ASCA Standards (Fezler and Brown, July 2011).

The Counseling Department has two distinct purposes including the Social and Emotional support and the College Counseling process or “futures planning.” The former serves the needs of the Elementary and Middle School students including Grade Nine and the Dorms while the latter focuses primarily on university admissions.

Currently, our Counseling Department consists of five counselors including Elementary and Middle School Counselors respectively, an ES/MS Dorms bilingual Counselor, HS Korean Counselor.

Leadership and Global Connections

In order to ensure that our students can master the necessary skills, the 21st Century Skills (Partnership for the 21st Century Skills, 2002). The school provides the students with opportunities to participate in a variety of programs including MUN conferences and weekend community service; Service Learning and Leading Program (World Youth Adventures); St. Mark’s School exchange program; summer school international programs, etc.

Language and Learning Supports

Our students can enjoy additional support systems that help them to grow as learners and scholars while at KIS-Jeju. These supports distinguish between “learning support” and “language support” in order to best meet each student’s individual learning needs.

Health and Well-Being

There are four nurses that serve our learning community including the ES/MS and HS Dorms, and two “day” nurses. Our nurses are a part of the student support team (SST), and their voices are an integral part of our planning, policies and procedures development, as well as risk assessments.

At KIS-Jeju, we place a great emphasis on prevention, and it is to this end that we have adopted a comprehensive Health Curriculum as a part of our school-wide Physical Education Program.

Since we continue to be mindful of our students’ psycho-social and emotional well-being, we have adopted some of the tenants of The Happiness Advantage. This approach thus connects the School Advisory and Dorm Houses, the Counseling Department, and all other support systems.


Mr. Z. Amos Stamp-Jerabek, MA, M.Ed.

Head of Student Services and Special Programs

Korea International School, Jeju Campus