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Advanced Placement Program®

Since 1955 the College Board’s Advanced Placement program has offered students worldwide an opportunity to take college-level courses while still in high school. Students who are successful in their examinations each May can then use their scores to stand out in college admissions, earn college credits, and/or skip introductory classes at university.

KIS Jeju currently offers 17 AP courses, with plans to add two more courses for 2018-19. This year also marks the charter year for our AP Capstone™ program, with the introduction of AP Seminar for select members of the Grade-11 class. The second Capstone course, AP Research, will follow the next year for those students. Students who pass exams for both of these Capstone courses in addition to four other AP courses will achieve the prestigious AP Capstone Diploma™. We are very proud to offer our students the opportunity to achieve this respected academic credential which is available to students in 650 schools in the US as well as a few select schools internationally.

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