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Student Club and Activity Websites

Dragons Descant (weekly bulletins for High School Students)

Dragon Tales (student-run online newspaper)

Global Issues Network

Key Club (international student-led service organization)

LOL Club (photos, stories, and happiness)

National Honor Society

Platform Post Jeju (tri-school journalism project)

World on Show (online art magazine)



Middle School Student Clubs

Middle School is a time for students to grow and to begin to discover who they are. Middle school clubs are one way for KISJ students to try new things with new people in a low pressure, safe environment.



At the beginning of each semester, there is a division wide assembly where all the clubs are showcased. The clubs can vary widely from year to year. There are academic and sports based clubs as well as clubs that train and travel for competitions. After the showcase, students then fill out a survey expressing their top choices. The students are assigned clubs based on their top choices. Before each semester, students also have a chance to propose new clubs. These clubs are implemented when possible.


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