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[HS Dorm] Weekend Leave-Out Application Form (주말 외출 외박 신청서)

by seraoh posted Aug 03, 2018


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Dear Parents, 


If you would like to request weekend leave-out of your child, please click the link below to complete the form and submit by every Thursday 3pm. If a parent/guardian fails to submit in time, permission may be denied or allowed with penalties. 

A unique Pin code was given to each parent. Please 
Click to request.Also, students may only self-sign-out once they have submitted their permission form to the dorm office. 


Please read the following notes for frequently asked questions.

Students can start leaving on Friday after 15:30, on Saturday & Sunday after 9am. They 
must return from weekend leave between 17:30–20:00 on Fri/Sat/Sunday.


Grade 9 students…

  • Can request weekend self sign-out starting from the second quarter, Oct 8, by meeting dorm behavior and academic expectations.
  • Cannot sign out of campus on weekdays

Grade 10 & 11… 

  • Male students can self sign-out every Thursday(15:30-19:25), Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Female students can self sign-out every Tuessday(15:30-19:25), Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Grade 12...

  • Male students can self sign-out every Wednesday(15:30-19:25), Thursday(15:30-19:25), Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Female students can self sign-out every Monday(15:30-19:25), Tuesday(15:30-19:25), Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


And, here are a few things that you need to be aware before making your request form.


1. You may NOT fill out the form two or more weeks in advance.

2. Application through email or phone call is not acceptable. 

3. You must give the same contact information (name, mobile number) that has been registered with the HS dorm office.

4. You need to have Pin code to prevent students from applying the weekend leaving by themselves.


If you have questions please contact 064 741 0584 or email Jamie(hsboarding@kis.ac).


Thank you for your cooperation.