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Elementary School Academics

“The Elementary School is a learning community that encourages students to work together, develop compassion, and to actively contribute. Our students are empowered to work and support each other through play and academics, while maintaining positive behavior. Learning within an international community, our students also build the social skills and relationships that are necessary in an ever-changing world.”

Jim French, Elementary School Principal

Curriculum Overview

We promote experiential learning in an environment where students and teachers are empowered to be risk-takers. Our challenging, inquiry-­based curriculum ensures that all students are actively engaged in learning. Through experiences in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, Art, Music, Physical Education, Korean Language and History, students connect concepts and transfer skills learned in all areas. Key features of our curriculum include:

A strong focus on literacy and a commitment to best practices. We are a Writing and Reading Workshop school in which students learn by doing. Our methods of writing and reading instruction were developed from the early work of Donald Graves, Donald Murray, and other teacher-researchers who found that coaching students to write and read for a variety of purposes is the most effective way to teach skills and concepts.

Connecting Math to the real world through Eureka Math. From PK through Grade 5, this takes any fear out of the classroom and builds confidence, while helping students to achieve true understanding lesson by lesson, year after year.

Assessment through projects and presentations, to allow children different methods of demonstrating understanding.

American Education Reaches Out (AERO) standards, which are sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Overseas Schools.

A standards­-based approach to education, where comprehension of key concepts is the focus rather than letter grades.

Active learning in Science using the Full Option Science System™ (FOSS) philosophy. Students enjoy hands-on experimentation in our science labs.

A block system with classes in 60 minute time segments, enabling extended and in­-depth analysis and cross­-curricular collaborations.

Please see our School Profile for information on our demographics, activity conferences, schoolwide learning outcomes, and more.

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