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  1. 2017 Fire Festival

    07Mar in Dorms
  2. Dorm Weekend Robotics Club

    07Mar in Dorms
  3. Dorm Scuba Trip to Hansoopool Haenyeo School

    26Apr in Dorms
  4. Dorm Golf Trip to Haevichi Resort

    26Apr in Dorms
  5. Dorm House Pictures (Elementary and Middle School)

    14Mar in Dorms
  6. Dorm Trip to Norimae Gardens

    14Mar in Dorms
  7. Saebyul Oreum Fire Festival Dorm Trip

    14Mar in Dorms
  8. Dorm Clubs and Activities, February 2016

    01Mar in Dorms
  9. Hangeul House Cup

    03Nov in Dorms
  10. Senior Dorm Festival

    03Sep in Dorms
  11. Chairman Dr. Min and Harvard Graduates Presentation

    25Aug in Dorms
  12. horseback riding

    27Jul in Dorms
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