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Korea International School, Jeju Campus offers a complete program of student services, with an integrated counseling program in each division, experienced college counselors, English Language Learner specialists in each division, a schoolwide learning support specialists, and health services for the school and dorms. KISJ is proud to be a member of Next Frontier Inclusion, the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), and the International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC).

Our Team

Please visit College Counseling to learn more about our College Counselors.

Our English Language Learner (ELL) Department is composed of Madalena Elshoff (High School), Bill Rago (Grade 6), Alex Tat (Grade 7), Julia Snider (Grade 8), Angela Campagna (Grade 1), Paula Amenta (Grade 2), Araceli Hampton (Grade 3 ES Lead), Eric Rosenthal (Grade 4) and Elaine C.M. Costeira (Grade 5). If you’d like to know more about an ELL teacher, just click on their name.

Theresa Cook (Upper Elementary Counselor, Grades ) was born and raised in Washington State where her initial training in conflict management/mediation occurred as a result of growing up with seven brothers and sisters. After graduating from university, Theresa worked in the mental health field for 15 years counseling children, teenagers, adults and families. She then went back to university to earn a Teaching Certificate and started working in the field of education. She has worked in schools (as a teacher or a counselor) in Washington State, South America and, now, South Korea. She loves working with children and is committed to making a positive difference in their lives! Theresa’s education includes: a BA in Sociology, Eastern Washington State University; M.Ed. Degree in Guidance and Counseling, University of Idaho; Teacher Certification with endorsements in Elementary Education, Psychology, and Sociology, Central Washington University; and Master of Education classes from Buffalo State University of New York.

Eric Kunik (Head of Counseling and Grade 7 and 8 Counselor) has been in the field of counseling since 1994. Over the years he has worked with diverse populations of students from ages 5 to 20, focusing on building trusting relationship to help guide students to future goals. Since 2008, Eric has worked as an international school counselor in Greece, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and now the Republic of Korea. Eric received his Master of Arts in Education Counseling from the University of Phoenix in 1999, and his Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University in 1994. He also has a K-12 Counseling Certification from the State of California and Arizona. He is member of the American School Counselor Association and the International School Counselor Association.

Lia Min Ju Kim (Elementary and Middle School Dorm Nurse) volunteered for Hansen’s disease and senior citizen groups while she was studying in university. She graduated from a department of nursing in 2008, and she worked at the neonatal intensive care unit in Seoul National University hospital in Bundang for 6 years. While she was working in the hospital, Lia learned how to take care of sensitive and weak babies, support their parents effectively, and cooperate with colleagues. She believes that those experiences help her in caring for students at KIS Jeju and establishing a good rapport with them.

Lucy Hyun Hee Kim (School Nurse) joined KIS Jeju campus as a school nurse in 2018. She worked in the department of hemato-oncology in Busan National Hospital in Yangsan following her graduation, and also worked as an occupational health nurse. She has experience in international schools because she lived in Mexico for 5 years when she was a teenager. Living in a foreign world, culture and people, made her strong and full of confidence. The love, trust given by teachers, staffs, friends in school made her brave and happy. She wants to give back those good moments and the love received during that time to KISJ students.

Gloria Jung A Lee (High School Dorm Nurse) graduated from a nursing college in 2006, and worked as a Telemetry Nurse with Severance Hospital for over 5 years, specializing in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. Later on, she led a health administration office as a Community Occupational Health Nurse for over 2 years. Ms. Lee’s specialization is the intersection of psychology and nursing. She also studied Counseling Psychology at Hanyang Cyber University, and is a qualified social worker. This academic and professional experience, together with her interests and expertise, provides Ms. Lee with unique insight when working with students at KIS Jeju. She loves working with the students, and in many ways sees them as a part of her own family.

Karen Seung-Jung Lee (Head School Nurse) has worked as a school nurse since joining Korea International School’s Pangyo Campus in 2008, and moved to our Jeju Campus in 2011. She worked at the neonatal and delivery units at a university hospital following her graduation, then as a volunteer nurse with the Pediatric Ward in Bugando Medical Center in Tanzania for over two years. This experience made an indelible impression on her in terms of life, culture, and language. Karen is a licensed Professional Nurse from the state of New York.

Neyda Moulier (5th and 6th Grade School Counselor) joined the KISJ family in August of 2017. For three academic years she served as the Secondary School Counselor for an International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Prior to transitioning abroad, she spent the first five years of her school counseling career educating and supporting students within the Howard County Public School System in the state of Maryland. Neyda earned her Master of Education in School Counseling from Loyola University Maryland, and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University of Maryland College Park. A bi-lingual Puerto Rican American, raised on military bases in the United States and Europe, Neyda is extremely passionate about counseling, education, conservation, cultural immersion, and exploration. As a School Counselor she has the honor of guiding and supporting her students through the most challenging stages of their development. Every day she is humbled and inspired by their courage, intelligence, compassion, and resilience.

Sara Roberts (Lower Elementary School Counselor,) worked for several years at an international school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as an Elementary Counselor before joining KISJ in 2016. She is passionate about working with Elementary-aged students, and uses play therapy techniques, art, and sand tray approaches in order to connect with early learners. Sara earned her Master’s degree in Professional School Counseling (K-12) at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to being a certified School Counselor, she also holds an Elementary Education teaching state of North Carolina from the University of North Carolina- Wilmington. Families can follow Sara’s Twitter and Counseling Blog for resources and updates.

Anjee Shin (Elementary and Middle School Dorm Counselor, G4–8) joined KISJ as a counselor in 2014. She has worked as a teacher and a counselor for ten years. She worked as a teacher in Munsung Elementary school before earning a degree in Special Education/Educational Psychology. She then worked for several years as a Child Counselor at the Korean American Family Service Center in New York and Samsung Heamil Clinic Center in Gyeonggi Province. She also has experience working in a learning support class at Seocho Middle School. Anjee is a member of the Association of Cognition Learning Rehabilitation and Korean Counseling Association. She helps KISJ students to find their own study style and to overcome challenges arising from language and cultural difference when transferring to an American school. She received her master’s degree in Special Education/ Educational Psychology from a university in New Jersey, and her bachelor’s degree from the Korean University College of Education.



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