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Middle School Division


“Middle school is the ideal opportunity for young adolescents to explore who they are and how they fit into the world. Through the iterative process, students will come to an understanding of who they are as learners, what they’re passionate about and ultimately how they will contribute to a better tomorrow.” 


Patrick M. Carroll, Middle School Principal

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Curriculum Overview

KISJ students have access to a world-class education based on American standards. We seek to implement practices that are both rigorous and developmentally supportive of the young adolescent with a curriculum based on the middle school model as articulated by the Association for Middle Level Education. Our students know their teachers have a special interest in their success, and it is this type of support that makes the Middle School a special place to learn.


We use American Education Reaches Out (AERO) standards, which adapt American standards, to serve the needs of multi-national student bodies as sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Overseas Schools. We carefully design our curriculum to challenge our students, support their English language learning  and purposefully use 1:1 learning. Our structure and curriculum provide students with opportunities to develop collaborative skills; provide a space for project-based learning; and embed critical thinking and problem solving. This standards­-based approach ensures that the comprehension of key concepts and the building of important skills remain the central focus for our students.

Our skills-based academic program includes challenging core classes of English, Social Studies, Math, and Science, enhanced by electives such as Art, Korean Language and Social Studies, Design Thinking, STEAM, Drama, Music, Robotics and Physical Education. Core classes are offered using a block system of 80-minute segments, enabling extended and in-depth analysis, experiential learning, and cross-curricular collaborations.



Co-curricular Activities

Students participate in co-curricular activities twice per week at the end of the school day, as well as after school. These activities encourage students to explore special topics outside their usual realm of learning, as well as connect with teachers through a shared interest. Some examples of current activities being offered include: Student Council, Model United Nations, Spanish, Chinese, robotics, soccer, rock band, jazz band and golf.


Middle School Student Clubs

Middle School is a time for students to grow and to begin to discover who they are. Middle school clubs are one way for KISJ students to try new things with new people in a low pressure, safe environment.


At the beginning of each semester, there is a division wide assembly where all the clubs are showcased. The clubs can vary widely from year to year. There are academic and sports based clubs as well as clubs that train and travel for competitions. After the showcase, students then fill out a survey expressing their top choices. The students are assigned clubs based on their top choices. Before each semester, students also have a chance to propose new clubs. These clubs are implemented when possible.









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