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Middle School Academics

“A Middle School educator is a special kind of person who can connect with students and help them reach their full potential during the physical, emotional and social transitions of the early teen years. We support and engage students with this in mind, aiming to nurture happy, healthy individuals with a love of learning.”

Carl Brenneman, Middle School Principal

Curriculum Overview

KISJ students have access to a world-class education based on American standards. We seek to implement practices that are both rigorous and developmentally supportive of the young adolescent with a curriculum based on current research. Our students know their teachers have a special interest in their success, and it is this type of support that makes the Middle School a special place.

We use American Education Reaches Out (AERO) standards, which are the result of collaboration between 12 overseas schools and are sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Overseas Schools. AERO standards serve as the foundation on which we build enduring understandings that challenge students to think critically, transfer concepts, and synthesize knowledge. This standards­-based approach ensures that the comprehension of key concepts remains the focus of our students’ education, rather than letter grades.

Our 21st century skills-based academic program includes challenging core classes of English, Social Studies, Math, and Science, enhanced by specialist subjects including Art, Korean Language and History, Drama, Music, and Physical Education. Core classes are offered using a block system made up of 80-minute segments, enabling extended and in-depth analysis, experiential learning, and cross-curricular collaborations.

Co-curricular Activities

Students participate in co-curricular activities every day during an extended lunchtime. These activities encourage students to explore special topics outside their usual realm of learning, as well as connect with teachers through a shared interest. Examples of offerings include: Student Council, Model United Nations, Spanish, Chinese, photography, soccer, rock band, jazz band and film.

Please see our School Profile for information on demographics, activity conferences, schoolwide learning outcomes, and more.

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