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Programs Overview


Programs Overview

All of the programs that we have developed for our students at Korea International School, Jeju Campus are centered around the values of respect and responsibility. We use the prism of these values to learn about the art and science of community, leadership, and well-being that anchor who we are and what we do. It is the adherence to the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers, the developmental morality of Lawrence Kohlberg, and the educational philosophy of Howard Gardner that continue to inform, support, and integrate all of our school-wide programs here at KiS-JeJu since January 2011. 

The focus on moral leadership and peace permeates our curriculum, and thus aligns our programs and projects with our school’s mission, vision, and core operating principles that inform our expected school-wide learning results (ESLRs) together with ACTIVITIES such as horse-back riding, scuba-diving, debate club, and the Model United Nations (MUN), as well as ATHLETICS including soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and swimming. 

The Advisory (Social and Emotional Learning), Mentoring (SLAM), and Service Learning and Leading (SL) programs are integrated with our STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES (Consultation, Helping, and Counseling) that enable all students in our dynamic learning community to acquire academic, personal/social, future (career), and global competencies necessary to be successful and healthy in the rapidly changing world. 

In line with our school’s values, philosophy, and focus we subscribe to the ideals of wellness, growth, and holism when working with children and their families across all cultures. A systems approach based on the work of William Glasser and his Choice Theory, which suggests that any successful school meets four basic “human needs,” of their students. The need to “belong and love, to gain power, to be free, and to have fun.”