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Video Equipment Operation/Management Policy

Through the operation and management policy of the video information processing equipment, KISJ will inform  you of the purpose and management of the video information processed by the school.

Article 1 (Base and Purpose of Installation)

Video information processing equipment is installed and operated based on the following reasons. The collected personal video information is not used for purposes other than installation purposes.

1. Base of Installation: Article 25 paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act

2. Purpose of Installation:

a. Crime Prevention for the safety of faculty and students

b. Safety management of facilities and fire prevention

c. Prevention of accidents

Article 2 (Operation status)  

The current status of the video information processing equipment operated by the school is as follows.

1. Number of installations: ES/MS-147, HS-195

2. Installation location: Building entrances, lobbies, corridors, soccer fields, gyms, playgrounds, parking lots, etc.

3. Recording time: 24 hours

4. Processing method: Real-time recording by magnetic device (no sound recording function)

5. Storage location: ES/MS-MS CCT, HS-HS CCT

6. Retention period: 30 days

Article 3 (Manager and access authority)

In order to protect personal video information processing equipment safely and deal with related requests, the video information processing equipment management manager and access authority are designated and operated.  

1. Manager: Jong Hwan Kim, Central Control Team Leader 064-741-0540

2. Access authority: Kwang Heop Ko, Central Control Team 064-741-0543

Article 4 (Viewing personal video information of a user)

A user can request the school to access or confirm the existence of personal video information only when it is clearly necessary for the urgent investigation of life, body and property. In the event that the user requests in writing to view or confirm the existence of the personal video information, KISJ will take action in accordance with the relevant laws. However, KISJ can reject the request, such as viewing personal video information, and notify the user within 10 days of the reason for rejection.

1. In case of serious impact on criminal investigations, maintenance of arraignment, and trial

2. In case it is technically difficult to delete video information of a specific user only

3. In case there is a high possibility that other people’s rights and interests may be infringed

4. If there are other valid reasons for rejecting the request

Article 5 (Measures to secure safety)

KISJ safely manages the video information through encryption measures, etc. The place where personal video information is actually viewed and played is designated as a restricted area and access is restricted to those who are authorized to access it. In addition, to prevent forgery and falsification of personal video information, KISJ records and manages the date of creation of personal video information, purpose of viewing, viewing audience, and reading date.

Article 6 (Policy amendment)

The operation and management policy of the video information processing device was revised on    2019. It will be announced on the school website if there is any additional, deletion or amendment of contents according to the change of laws, policies or security technology.