Health Services

Ensuring Well-Being and Medical Support

Health Services

Our school is staffed by four full-time Registered Nurses to ensure that students and staff receive safe and timely healthcare, and to promote a healthy school environment. The school nurse’s office is located on the second floor of the Elementary School building, and our dorm nurses’ offices are located on the first floor of the MS and HS dorm buildings.


Phone: +82 (0)64 741 0568

Fax: +82 (0)64 741 0529

Jeju Hospitals

Halla General Hospital

Jeju National University Hospital

Seogwipo Medical Center

Emergency Information

24h Suicide Prevention Hotline

1577 0199

064 1577 0199 (from a mobile phone)

24h Youth Counseling Service


064 1388 (from a mobile phone)

24h Sexual Abuse or Domestic Violence for Women


064 1366 (from a mobile phone)

School Violence


24h One-stop Support Center

Providing counseling, medical check-ups, legal advice and investigation for victims of sexual abuse, school violence or domestic violence

Halla Hospital in Jeju, 2nd Floor

064 749 5117

National Child Protection Agency


Therapists and Health Centers

EunHye Jung, Therapist



010 2764 7730

Dr. Kwak Young Sook,

Pediatric Psychiatric Specialist

Jeju National University Hospital

064 717 1850

Koh Hyejung, JNUH Counselor

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Program

Foreigner Appointment System: 064 717 1652 (English)

Jeju National University Hospital Staff

Child Adolescent Psychiatry at Halla hospital: Dr. Shin Jae Hoon

Clinic nurse’s office No. – 064.740.5000

Dr. Curie Park, Mind Care Institute

070 8888 8277

010 8263 8277

Dr. Chad Ebesutani,

Seoul Counseling Center

Dr. Suzanne Park,

Yonsei Center for Psychological Health

02 393 9432

010 2248 9432

Bong-Su Kim Study Clinic

320 Daechi First, 507-2 Deachi-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul

02 555 1520

Adaptable Human Solutions

Personal Counseling for Expatriates

Mapo-gu, Seoul

02 749 7915

Songgiok Speech-Language Development Center

Gyeunghee Speech-Language Development Center

Barunsori Speech-Language Therapy Center

Seogwipo-si, Teapyung-ro 414

064 767 7575

Jeju-si, Ijudong-ro 214

070 4235 7942 / 064 756 1010

Jeju-si Sapyung 4gil 19

064 748 4877

Vaccinations Before Coming to South Korea

There are no mandatory vaccinations for entering South Korea, since most people have already received basic childhood vaccinations. If faculty would like to receive optional vaccinations as a precaution, they can ask their healthcare provider for boosters such as Japanese encephalitis, tetanus, Hepatitis A, B (if they do not have antibodies) etc.