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Our Mission and Vision


Like many schools, Korea International School, Jeju Campus is guided by a mission, vision, learning outcomes, and strategic initiatives.


What brings it all together? A focus on growth and continuous improvement.

We believe in using our mission and vision to guide everyday actions. We believe in applying big ideas in practical, measurable ways. We believe in putting learners’ needs first. For us, success is when students are actively engaged in their learning, supported in acquiring academic language, and feeling emotionally safe. Our mission, vision, learning outcomes, and initiatives ensure that our entire community works to this end.

KISJ values and respects all members of our community. We believe fair treatment, justice, and equality for

all is the most basic of rights.


KISJ aims to provide an education that goes beyond academics, with a vision of developing responsible,

well-rounded leaders who build positive change in the world. Our schoolwide learner outcomes [DRAGONS]

are built on instilling in all of our students respect, responsibility, and open mindness with a global perspective.


KISJ values and embraces diversity and culture, encourages critical thinking toward social responsibility,

and teaches respect for all persons regardless of differences.


As part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity we will continue to learn and grow as a school and always

work to do better.

8 Global Edu-ro 260beon-gil, Daejeong-eup
Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea 63644
Tel. +82 (0)64 741 0509
Fax. +82 (0)64 792 0509

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