Our academic programs support creative practitioners who strive for a world that’s brighter, more inclusive, relentlessly innovative, and ecologically resilient.

Academic Divisions at Korea International School, Jeju Campus

Elementary School Division

 “The Elementary School is a learning community that encourages students to work together, develop compassion, and to actively contribute. Our students are empowered to work and support each other through play and academics, while maintaining positive behavior. Learning within an international community, our students also build the social skills and relationships that are necessary in an ever-changing world.” 

Middle School Division

“Middle school is the ideal opportunity for young adolescents to explore who they are and how they fit into the world. Through the iterative process, students will come to an understanding of who they are as learners, what they’re passionate about and ultimately how they will contribute to a better tomorrow.” 

High School Division

 “Synergetic collaboration and creativity are hallmarks of our High School. Transformative thinking and the ability to thrive in challenging circumstances will distinguish KISJ graduates.”