English Language Literacy

KISJ supports our school mission by fostering the growth of academic and social language through explicit instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a safe learning environment. 

Bill Rago

ELL Coordinator


What is our ELL Program philosophy?

 Korea International School Jeju (KISJ) believes in putting learners’ needs first. Success is when students are actively engaged in learning, supported in acquiring academic and social language, and feeling emotionally safe. Our school’s mission, vision, and schoolwide learning outcomes support language learning at KISJ.

ELL Department Program Aims

 At KISJ, we focus on helping students become confident communicators in English. We work together to support their language skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment where students feel comfortable taking risks in their language learning. We make sure all students can access the curriculum and succeed academically by providing support tailored to their needs. We believe that all teachers play a role in language development and provide ongoing training to help them. We also involve families as important partners in students’ language development, both in English and their home language. English is the main language of instruction at KISJ, except for world language classes like Korean, Spanish, or Chinese.

How are KISJ ELL Services structured?

Across all three divisions, nine ELL specialists engage in collaborative efforts with teachers to comprehensively assess the language needs of our students. They provide individualized and small-group support to students through co-teaching or pull-out groups, adapting their approach to address specific linguistic challenges. Additionally, our ELL specialists actively contribute to the professional development of their teams by sharing expertise and best practices in ELL instruction. Through this collaborative approach, we ensure that every student receives targeted support to thrive academically and linguistically.