HS Counseling

Our comprehensive program

KISJ’s High School Counseling team is staffed by five full-time counselors.
Our comprehensive program includes:

Orientation and Transitions

Counselors lead orientation sessions for all new high school students, every fall and spring, to help familiarize them with our school’s expectations and learning environment. School Counselors work with Student Ambassadors, friendly current students, to act as a positive and welcoming link for students new to our school community. 

Individual Counseling

Counselors provide short-term and solution-focused counseling, based on academic and social/emotional data. Counselors are prepared to recognize and respond to student mental health needs and to assist students and families seeking resources. Counselors also assist students in evaluating interests, abilities, skills, and achievement using a variety of evidence-based resources to help prepare students for college.

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Counselors provide planned activities in small/large groups promoting effective academic planning, career exploration, college readiness or social/emotional development. Many activities use the high school’s college preparation platform, MaiaLearning. 

Teacher Consultations and Partnerships

Counselors work with teachers to support student achievement and are available to consult on issues related to student wellbeing and social/emotional development. Counselors are here to help students remove barriers to learning and help teachers create safe and respectful classroom environments. During crisis situations, the counselors are available to support the school community. School Counselors cannot provide individual or small group counseling to staff members. 

Parent Presentations and Consultations

Counselors lead presentations on topics that support student achievement and social-emotional wellbeing. School Counselors are available to meet with parents and families and can assist with interpreting student data or address questions about student success. Counselors are also able to provide support and assistance to students and families as they navigate crisis and emergency situations. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a High School Counselor, please contact the High School Counseling Office