Answers to Common Questions


1. Application Submission

Complete the online application form, ensuring you select the preferred testing date during the application. Additionally, upload the required documents corresponding to the applicant’s grade after signing in to the application website.

2. Application Processing

After submitting your application and required documents, our admissions representative will initiate the document screening process. If the applicant successfully passes the document screening, our admissions staff will contact you via text message to provide instructions on how to pay the application fee.

3. Preparation for Testing

Upon completing the payment, you will receive your personalized testing schedule via text message.

Access our application form here.

No, there are specific entry dates each school year, which typically include the first day of the 1st semester (August), October, and the first day of the 2nd semester (January). Even if applicants pass the test in the middle of the year, students can only enter the school on the specified entry date.

Admissions Test Fee

The admissions test fee is KRW 400,000 and is non-refundable. The applicant will pay the test fee after completing the document screening and will receive a notice via text message.

Tuition Fees

If you are a new student at KIS Jeju, the entrance fee is required once. Your tuition fees will include a textbook deposit, technology fee, and field trip deposit. Dormitory fees and school bus fees are optional. Read more about our fees here.

Additional Costs

Some programs may involve additional costs, such as extracurricular programs, afterschool programs, or domestic and international trips.

Yes, all admissions tests are conducted exclusively on-site at the KIS Jeju campus. Even international students are required to come to the campus to take the tests in person.

Unfortunately, we do not offer financial aid for international students.

The notification period for admission decisions is approximately 2 weeks for the rolling tests from the testing date. However, for regular admissions tests, it may take up to a month for the final decision. Notifications are typically sent via text message.