College Counseling

Our mission is to prepare students for learning in university and life

At Korea International School, Jeju Campus, our mission is to prepare students for learning in university and life. We follow the American ‘best fit’ counseling practice of advising students to apply to a range of colleges / universities from most selective to less selective.

Students begin working with one of our College Counselors in their Grade 9 year of high school.

KISJ’s High School Counseling team is staffed by five full-time counselors.
Our comprehensive program includes:

Individual Counseling

Counselors assist students with course planning and counseling students on every facet of the college search process. Counselors are there to guide students through the entire college admissions process, maintaining records of students’ application materials, assisting with college applications, and communicating with universities. 

Small Group Counseling

Counselors may lead small group sessions related to topics such as essay writing, navigating different types of applications, mock interviews, and financial aid. The goal of small group counseling sessions is to better prepare students for making appropriate post-secondary decisions. 

Parent Presentations and Consultations

Counselors are available to meet with parents and families in order to assist with ‘best fit’ college lists and to alleviate concerns that may arise during this important process. Counselors also lead presentations on topics that help support parents in guiding their children through the college admissions process. 

Transition Sessions and Support

Counselors help students navigate their acceptances and deliver information that allows students to be better prepared for life after high school. Counselors are trained to respond to and support students who may be struggling to cope with the stressors of college preparation and application season. 

High School parents who would like to schedule an appointment with a College Counselor may contact the High School Counseling Office.

Ms. Kate Yesil Seo,

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