High School Faculty

Meet the High School Faculty and Staff


What brings it all together?
A faculty focused on growth and continuous improvement.

Meet the High School Faculty and Staff

Alissa Kordprom

High School Principal

John Striffler

High School Associate Principal and AP Coordinator

Rachel Kalish

High School Instructional Coach

Su Jin

College Counselor and Student Support Services Coordinator

Nancy Weis-Sanfo

College Counselor

John Georgie

College Counselor

Jae Myong Ryu

College Counselor

Julia Finlayson

Grade 9 Counselor

Savannah Bamburg

High School Librarian

Mariana Souza

High School Technology Integrator

Stephanie Anderson

Grade 9 English, Grade 9 Writing and Journalism

Emily Asad

Grade 11 English and AP English Language and Composition

Eva Biggart

Grade 10 Global Studies and AP Human Geography

Darrick Broudy

US History and AP US History

Joseph Buric

Grade 11 English, Grade 12 English and AP Literature and Composition

Samantha Georgi

Grade 10 Global Studies, Digital Media Publications and Yearbook

Nickolas Harris

AP Research and AP Psychology

Mike Razzari

Grade 9 Global Studies and AP Seminar

Kassi Tallent

Grade 9 English and Grade 9 Writing

Benjamin Willis

Grade 9 Global Studies and AP World History

Mark Adams

Mark Adams, AP Statistics and AP Macroeconomics

Lloyd Baker

AP Calculus BC and AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

Joseph Catron

Marine Science, Chemistry and AP Chemistry

Mary Ann Cayabyab

Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus AB

Marike Du Toit

Algebra II and Geometry

Paul Mangat

Programming 1, AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles

Mike Palmer

Biology, Physics and AP Biology

Julie Park

Physics and AP Physics 1

Ann Shea

Chemistry and AP Environmental Science

Gabriel Deerman

AP 2-D Design, AP Drawing, Visual Art II and 3D Art

Carlos Diago Esteve

Economics, Spanish II, III, IV and AP Spanish

Fei Gao

Chinese II, III, IV, Heritage Chinese and AP Chinese

Samantha Georgi

Grade 10 Global Studies, Digital Media Publications and Yearbook

Kristin Hingstman

Chamber Choir, High School Choir

Dany Janveaux

Grade 9 Physical Education

Rachel Lee

Graphic Design, Digital Photography, and Videography

Edward Lehmann

Robotics, Advanced Engineering and Advanced Design and Technology

Erin Lu

Chinese 1

Tara May

Theater 2, Advanced Theater and Debate

Jonathan Stoner

Orchestra, Advanced String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, High School Concert Band and AP Music Theory

Timothy Yu

Grade 10 Physical Education and Personal Fitness

Mi-jeong Kang (Catharina)

Grade 9 Korean History

Yun-ju Kang

Grade 9 and 10 Korean History

Da Sol Kim (Daniel)

Grade 9 Korean Language

Minhee Lee

Grade 9 and 10 Korean Language and Literature