ES Counseling

Our comprehensive program

KISJ’s Elementary School Counseling team is staffed by two full-time counselors.
Our comprehensive program includes:

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling refers to short-term counseling session(s) that are provided by the School Counselor to students. Individual Counseling does not replace outside intensive counseling or therapy. All KISJ students have access to individual counseling by the School Counselor as outlined in the KISJ Student Handbook. Students can be referred to individual counseling by teachers, parents, peers, administrators or the counselor themselves. Students can also self-refer if they would like to meet with the Counselor. 

Small Group Counseling

Counseling Small Groups are groups that the Counselor runs that work on specific skills to help students. This type of intervention can help students who need extra support in social skills, school behaviors, and more. 

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Guidance Lessons are lessons that the Counselor facilitates that focus on a variety of skills and skill development. Counselors collaborate with teachers to develop lessons that support student socioemotional needs.

Parent Workshops and Consultations

Parent Consultations are available for all parents of KISJ students. Parents can make an appointment to meet with a counselor to discuss socioemotional issues. Parents workshops run throughout the year on the topics identified in the Parent Survey sent out at the beginning of the year. Topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Parent-Child Communication 
  • Parent-School Communication 
  • Alternatives to Hagwons (Collaboration with Learning Specialist)
  • Confidence building

Teacher Consultations and Partnerships

The KISJ School Counselors work with staff to support student needs. The School Counselors follow a consultation-based model when working with staff members. Staff are encouraged to reach out to the Counselors if they have student concerns or would like more information on student interventions or support services. During crisis situations, the school counselors are available to support the school community. School Counselors cannot provide individual or small group counseling to staff members. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment with an Elementary School Counselor, please contact the Elementary School Administrative Office.