To support the KISJ mission by providing a safe, inclusive dorm environment where students experience are challenged socially, academically, and physically


David Jaramillo

Dean of Boarding

“Our dorm staff truly love working with students and are committed to building a community where everyone feels happy, safe, and included. It’s important to us that dorm students have opportunities throughout the year to acquire new interests and skills, pursue their passions, and connect with people from different cultural backgrounds. Life is great in the dorms!”

A Supportive Community

Living closely with others promotes cooperation, strong interpersonal skills, and a sense of responsibility to our community. KISJ dorm students are placed in houses according to their grade level and gender, and are provided with developmentally appropriate supervision and support by staff with extensive experience in both academic and extracurricular programming. Dorm staff promote an immersive English-language environment and collaborate closely with teaching faculty to provide academic guidance during evening study halls.

Middle School houses are managed by house teams with 3 staff members, allowing an exceptional 1:8 staff-to-student ratio. High School house sizes range from 12–24 students, for a maximum staff-to-student ratio of 1:12. House teams include a Korean staff member to facilitate parent communication and manage culturally sensitive issues, and divisional dorm offices provide effective administrative support during the daytime and evenings.

In addition to having access to school facilities on evenings and weekends, KIS Jeju dorm students enjoy well-equipped lounges, kitchens, and laundry rooms, while our dorm nurses offer professional medical care.

Evening and Weekend Activities

“High School students think they don’t have time to do anything but study, but as Mark Twain said, ‘Never regret anything that made you smile.’ One of the happiest times of my life was hanging out with friends at rock climbing club and watersports club. I didn’t know it then, but now I’m thankful for these lifelong memories. Don’t miss your chance—weekend activities are what make KISJ great.”

– David, Class of 2016

The dorm clubs program features a range of challenging activities aligned with student interests and staff areas of expertise. Current and past offerings include debate, service leading activities, horseback riding, golf, scuba diving, music lessons, hiking, team sports, culinary arts, yoga, ultimate frisbee, and subject-specific tutoring. Dorm staff also plan fun weekly house activities to help students relax and connect, in addition to leading regular life skills and team-building sessions.