Elementary School Electives 

The electives program is designed to motivate students fundamental four values by developing skills, critical thinking, and teamwork. Elementary students in grades 1-5 participate in electives every Friday from 15:00–16:00. 

Students are able to choose from a variety of elective options each quarter. Examples of some of the offerings are included below.


Variety of  Activities on campus


Student satisfaction


Student to activity teacher ratio

Grades 1-2

Inline Skating, Taekwondo, Ballet, Guitar, WeDo Robotics, Swimming Skills, Mindfulness, Chess, World Music Drumming Club, Garden Club, and Community Art.c

Grades 3-5

Inline Skating, Cheerleading, Fencing, Chinese, Ballet, Guitar, Robotics, Chill Skills, Student Council, TedEd Club, Basketball, and Team Sports.

The annual musical rehearsal is a part of quarter 2 and 3 elective time for cast members, set designers, and crew members.