Middle School Faculty

Meet the Middle School Faculty and Staff


What brings it all together?
A faculty focused on growth and continuous improvement.

Meet the Middle School Faculty and Staff

Patrick M. Carroll

Middle School Principal

Paul Boland

Middle School Associate Principal

Victoria Hoult

Middle School Instructional Coach

Sherri Hallion

Middle School Counselor

Nathan Tipton

Middle School Counselor

Tatiana Heckles

Middle School Learning Specialist

Tim Boyer

Middle School Librarian

Mariana Souza

Middle School Technology Integrator

Eric Rosenthal

Grade 6 Team Lead and Grade 6 English

James Hale

Grade 6 ELL Specialist

Aaron Allooh

Grade 6 Mathematics

Jamie Hart

Grade 6 Science

Lynnette Kyle

Grade 6 Social Studies

Bethany Bates

Grade 7 Team Lead and G7 Social Studies

Adrienne Anderson

Grade 7 English

Arthur Scibal

Grade 7 English and Social Studies

Deborah Solice

Grade 7 ELL Specialist

Michael Chu

Grade 7 Mathematics

Justine Cox

Grade 7 Mathematics and Science

Michael Lee

Grade 7 Science

Neil Barnum

Grade 8 Team Lead and Grade 8 Social Studies

Kara Kunciw

Grade 8 English

Luke Zaya

Grade 8 English and Social Studies

Tania Campbell

Grade 8 ELL Specialist

Diane Yum

G8 Mathematics

Omar Maklad

Grade 8 Mathematics and Science

Lorraine Brett

Middle School Art

Lucas Chapa

Middle School Band

Benedict Dingle

Middle School Drama

Paul du Toit

Middle School Digital Photography and Videography

Naomi Geidel

Middle School Physical Education

Kristin Hingstman

Middle School Choir

Erin Lu

Middle School Chinese

Kevin Mejicanos

Middle School Physical Education

Dominic O’Driscoll

Middle School Design Thinking and STEAM

Jonathan Blake “Bo” Shaw

Middle School Robotics and Engineering

Nicole Shin

Middle School Spanish

Kendra Song

Middle School Substitute

Eric Sobolik

MS Philosophy, Speech, and Economics

George Vest

Middle School Orchestra

Eun ah Ko (Ellen)

Korean Social Studies

Bo Mi Park (Emily)

Korean Language

Ji Hye Seo (Iris)

Korean Language

Da Sol Kim (Daniel)

Korean Language and Korean Foreign Language