Governance of KISJ

South Korea’s first international boarding school

Korea International School, Jeju Campus (KISJ) is South Korea’s first international boarding school.

The school is an affiliate of YBM, a pioneering publishing and English-language education services company.

Founded in 2010 and first opened in 2011 as part of the Jeju Global Education City, the school’s first senior class of 52 students matriculated in May 2016.

The Elementary and Middle School facilities are owned by the Jeju Ministry of Education.

The High School facilities were built in 2014 and funded by YBM and YBMJIS.






years of history

Dr. Sunshik Min, CEO with YBM and Chairperson of the board appoints the Academic Head of School and the Executive Director.

The Academic Head of School is responsible for the academic operations and overseas faculty while the Executive Director is responsible for the KISJ operations as part of the larger governing body of YBMJIS.

The Academic Head of School, the Executive Director, and the YBM CEO meet every three months to agree and communicate strategic decisions.

YBMJIS constitutes the KISJ Board of Directors and meets monthly.

The KISJ Executive Director provides further school board communications to the Senior Leadership Team every two weeks to support smooth operations.

The Executive Director works from on-campus office. The YBM headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea.

KISJ is operated by YBMJIS and is a subsidiary of the education company YBM.

YBM is a publishing and online education company that operates over seventy language institutes (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English).

YBM holds the rights to all ETS testing materials in South Korea.